Burma V Bridge

The Burma Bridge is a bridge that consists of a thick rope for walking upon, and two ropes to hold on to. The bridge stretches across a gorge. You are ready to cross when you have put on the harness and connected yourself to the safety rope. All that remains is a 40-meter suspended walk in fabulous surroundings. Travelling on a real Burma Bridge is a check to your power. So, you must be daring enough while traveling on a real Burma Bridge. An exciting activity for those willing to try something new.

Commando Net

If you are tough then you can also learn how commandos cross an obstacle by climbing across the net. Climbing commando net is also quite adventurous. For decades, commando nets have been used for the purpose of training. It is a favorite outdoor activity in a variety of summer camps and preferred by both children and adults. Commando net is all about balance building and coordination. The right climbing can be learned if you know how weight is balanced. In many training places, it is used as strength training exercises.

Swinging Valley Crossing

Adventure task gives you thrill to cross a valley 30-35 meters along with the 10-15 meters height from the base. Used for mountaineering expeditions. You will be connected by a safety rope and have to wear other safety equipment so don’t worry and have fun with thrill. Perfect as an introductory adventure, Swinging Valley Crossing also has a psychological application in boosting confidence and courage.

Burma U Bridge

The Burma Bridge structure has two parallel ropes – one above the other – strung from poles/trees, at a height of 25 feet.

Participants are divided into teams. At one time, two participants will climb the structure from two opposite ends using ladders and walk across the ropes to the center of the structure. They will walk on one rope while holding the other one at shoulder/head height for support.

The participants will be secured with harnesses and the guiding/belay ropes will be handled by instructors.

Hop from one rope to another with ropes tied down like buckets carrying you from one tree to another raising your excitement. A suspended walk where there are two ropes connected between trees and consists of a thick rope for walking upon and two ropes to hold on to.

The name ‘Burma Bridge’ is acquired from hanging bridges used extensively in Burma during World War II to cross numerous rivers. A Burma Bridge is usually constructed over a ditch, pond or a gorge, reasonably above the ground. It has three ropes set in a triangular fashion –a bottom foot rope (or cable) on which you walk and two ropes that serve as a ‘railing’ held by your hands. The bridge swings slightly making it a challenge to balance, as you walk. As with any high traversing element, an overhead belay cable parallels the lower cables and acts as a safety measure. It’s an excellent choice for those challenged at elevation. A confidence building exercise which calls for body – mind balance and concentration.